About me

Hey y'all! My name is Allie :)

Welcome to my blog! I am 22 years young, from Austin, Texas. I graduated from college in Spring 2016 earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physiology as well as a Mathematics Minor. I currently am attending graduate school in New York City in order to earn my Masters in Public Health as well as a Post Baccalaureate Premedical Certificate. After completing graduate school and earning these degrees/certificates, I plan on attending medical school in hopes of becoming a doctor. Since I was young, my dream and number one goal has always been to  become a doctor. I absolutely love helping others, medicine, as well as sports/health and I believe becoming a sports medicine doctor is the perfect way to combine my favorite interests.

Growing up, I was constantly on a sports team, sometimes several simultaneously, as well as participating in sport camps. Eventually, I found my true love for sports: soccer. I played competitive division one club soccer for 8 years and during my last 4 years I also played varsity high school soccer simultaneously. My last year of high school I decided to join the track team and although I wasn't all that great, I learned so many valuable lessons that I still use today (mainly how to run correctly as soccer players typically have terrible form). I continued to play soccer in college, but since I wasn't as consumed in sports, I fell in love with running.

I am by NO means a professional runner, or close to that level, but running brings me so much joy! I run not because I feel like I have to, but instead because (1) running is a way of relieving stress (which comes in copious amounts with graduate school), (2) running allows me to compete and be a better/stronger version of myself, and (3) running clothes and shoes are extremely comfortable (I could live in running clothes). I also love to exercise in other ways such as playing soccer, training, circuits, zumba classes, cycling classes, etc. 

Besides fitness and medicine, a couple of my other passions are collecting sneakers and sportswear/lifestyle fashion. I have always loved shoes, but I was introduced to the sneakerhead world almost 5 years ago. I quickly became a sneaker enthusiast and fell in love with more and more kinds of sneakers (running, training, sportswear/casual, basketball). I don't discriminate among different sneaker brands. I believe someone who truly appreciates sneakers will have (or at least admire) sneakers from different brands. Although most of my sneakers are Nikes, my Adidas collection is slowly growing. 

I created this blog in order to go further into depth about my passions: running, health/fitness, sneakers, and lifestyle/sportswear fashion. I also hope that I can use this blog as another branch (in addition to my Instagram page) to help, motivate/inspire, encourage, and give confidence to y'all, my followers and friends :) I have high hopes for this blog; I hope this blog will inspire others and present other amazing opportunities!

Thank y'all for all of the love and support! It means so much to me! 

Much love,