Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

I hope y’all know about Nike’s Breaking Two Project. If not, no worries; here’s where you can learn all about it (Breaking2)! After Eliud Kipchoge fell 26 seconds short of breaking a 2 hour marathon in the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%, he told Nike he wanted a similar, but more durable shoe to train in daily (keep in mind the Vaporfly 4% only tolerates about 150 miles). So Nike combined some of the technology of the Vaporfly 4% as well as some new technology in order to create the ultimate training shoe for elite runners such as Kipchoge: the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo. What is so special about this shoe is that you can put 500 miles on them; that is almost double the amount any normal trainer running shoe can handle! If Eliud Kipchoge loves the Pegasus Turbo as an everyday training shoe, then I think most people will love it as a great training and racing shoe!


Sizing: Since Nike released the Zoom Fly, I have worn a women’s size 8 in all Nike running shoes (Zoom Fly, Pegasus 35, and now the Pegasus 35 Turbos). Funny, but sad story actually: I originally purchased a 7.5 in the Pegasus Turbos, which had plenty of space at the time (the 8’s had wayyy too much room in the toe box). I went on six runs in the 7.5’s and after that sixth run, my toenails protested. It hurt to put on socks the next day because they were so bruised. Fast forward a few months later and I still have 3 completely black toenails, which are probably going to fall off soon. Gross, yay! I hate toes.

Anyway after that painful learning experience, I purchased a size 8 (my wallet hurt), but the 8’s are perfect! My feet became even more swollen than they already were, which caused me to have to size up to an 8. Overall, I would say that the Pegasus 35 Turbos fit true to size in comparison to all of the other running shoes Nike has released recently. If you have any of the older Nike running shoes, I would recommend going a half-size up, because it seems this is the trend with new Nike runnings shoes for most people. However, if you have the opportunity to go in store to try them, I would highly recommend that! Don’t forget to give yourself enough room (at least a thumb’s width) for your feet to swell once you start running more. Even if you’re a regular runner, you still need that extra space for your toes. Learn from my mistake: you don’t want 3 black toenails!

Shown below is the Barely Grey/Black/White/Hot Punch colorway. Isn’t it the best color way so far?!


Feel: Everyone’s feet are different. To me, the Pegasus Turbos feel like I’m not wearing shoes. The best advice I’ve ever been given when it comes to finding the perfect running shoe is to pick the one that gives you enough support, but still feels like you’re not really wearing a shoe. You want the shoe to feel natural on your feet; if you notice any feeling(s) right away that are different/uncomfortable, then the shoe is probably not for you.

The Pegasus Turbo is super lightweight, even compared to the new Pegasus 35. The Pegasus 35 Turbo weighs 6.9 ounces for a women’s size 8. Compare that to 6.88 ounces for the Epic React Flyknit or 8.2 ounces for the Air Zoom Pegasus 35 or 6.5 ounces for the Zoom Fly (weights are all for a women’s size 8 shoe). Although the Pegasus Turbo may not be the lightest Nike running sneaker, it is more of a distance training shoe. Nike designed the Pegasus Turbo for Kipchoge to put 500 miles on a single pair. 500 miles!!


Ride: The Pegasus 35 Turbo is special because it has Nike Zoom X foam, which gives a responsive feeling with each stride. The Nike Zoom X foam lies in the midsole to produce the greatest energy return out of any Nike running shoe yet. Also, underneath the Zoom X foam in the midsole there is React cushioning for all of you React technology fans out there! The beveled heel and rubber outsole strip are strikingly similar to those of the Nike Pegasus 35; these new features allow each stride to strike the ground in good position. The heel collar is also just like that of the Nike Pegasus 35 in that it arches away from your Achilles tendon in order to prevent any discomfort from potential contact.

Upper: The first thing I noticed about the Nike Pegasus Turbo was the upper. The upper is made of a translucent material that is very durable, lightweight, and still breathable. The flywire cables are connected to the laces in order to perfectly hug your mid-foot and arch for support. These flywire cables are encased by the translucent upper material in order to protect them from wear and tear.

Miscellaneous Details: The stripe that runs from the tongue down to the sole of the shoe is an eye-catching detail that I absolutely love! Especially with the Barely Grey/Hot Punch color way, that pop of color is so fun! Also the little details on the tongue that run under the laces are a nice touch. You can see these details up close below!


Verdict: Overall, I must admit that I absolutely love my Peg Turbos!! They are my current training and racing shoe! I have already run one half-marathon in them and they were perfect in every way: lightweight, breathable, supportive, & responsive. Prior to the Turbos, I was running and racing in the Zoom Fly’s, but since these babies came out, I have happily transitioned to run and train in them! Additionally, I felt like the Zoom Fly was encouraging me to heel strike, which is poor running form. The Peg Turbos allow me to mid-foot strike so I know my body will thank me later for this switch in running shoes. Ultimately, I would highly encourage every runner to give them a try! Despite the $180 price tag, you’re getting the most bang for your buck believe it or not! Remember most shoes can only handle 250-300 miles before breaking down & hurting your feet. The Peg Turbos can put twice as many miles as most shoes, which is a good deal when you think about the price! Try them out & let me know what y’all think of the Nike Pegasus Turbos! Thanks for reading!

Much love,


ps my brother, who is a collegiate cross country & track athlete, trains in the Zoom Pegasus Turbo as well!

ps my brother, who is a collegiate cross country & track athlete, trains in the Zoom Pegasus Turbo as well!

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Nike Zoom Fly

I first saw the Zoom Fly prior to Nike's Breaking2 event on a Nike SoHo display that included the Pegasus 34, Zoom Fly, as well as the Zoom Fly 4%. 

I am quite decisive when it comes to whether I like or dislike sneakers and at first glance of the Zoom Fly's, I was definitely not a fan. I thought they looked like running shoes with marshmallows for soles to be honest. 

However, while watching Eliud Kipchoge run in the Zoom Fly 4% for Nike's Breaking2 event, my thoughts started to change. Growing up my mom (and sports coaches) always told me, it's not about the appearance of the shoe (or the colorway), but it's about how you feel in the shoe. I was blown away by Kipchoge's incredible performance in Breaking2 and thought the Zoom Fly's technology is significant. I decided to give them a second chance by trying them on and after doing so, my perception of the Zoom Fly's completely changed. 

Sizing: I am ALWAYS  a women's 7.5 in Nike running shoes. In lifestyle shoes, I am a women's 7 (sometimes even a 6.5) because I like my normal every day sneakers to fit snugly. I size up a half-size to get extra space so I don't injure my toes and bruise my toenails (been there, done that). However, for the Zoom Fly I had to get a women's 8. At first I thought I had to size up because of the Zoom Fly's offset (heel-toe difference). I felt as though my heels were much higher than my toes, but in fact the Zoom Fly's offset is the same as that of the Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 as well as that of the Pegasus 34, all of which have offsets of 10mm. However, I think because the of the Zoom Fly's full-length carbon-infused nylon plate within the midsole, the very front of the toe box is quite hard and when my toes slid to the front of the toe box with each stride, my toes quickly began to hurt in the women's size 7.5. So I sized up to a women's size 8. Who knows?! Everyone's feet are different! Mine could be weird, so your best bet is to just go try them on before purchasing! 

Shown below is the Blue Fox/Bright Crimson/University Red/Black colorway. 

Feel: The Zoom Fly really do propel you forward with each stride, no matter how fast or slow you're running. This responsive, propelling feeling comes from the full-length carbon-infused nylon plate in the midsole. Despite their bulky appearance, the Zoom Fly is very lightweight (6.5 ounces for a women's size 8). Compare that to the Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2's 7.3 ounces or the Pegasus 34's 8.7 ounces (for a women's size 8 as well).  

Ride: The Zoom Fly has Lunarlon cushioning (same as that of the Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2), which is a combination of soft and hard foam. Lunarlon cushioning allows for some shock absorption upon impact, stability, and responsiveness all while maintaining a comfortable feeling.  

Upper: The Zoom Fly has a Flymesh upper, which is surprisingly just as comfortable to me as flyknit. Flymesh is surprisingly breathable and my feet felt cool, even a few miles into my runs. The laces are secured with "ultra-light" flywire, which allows you to adjust how tightly the laces hug your feet and provides a secure feeling. 

Verdict: I LOVE my Zoom Fly's! They have surpassed my previous all-time favorite running shoes: the Nike Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2s, which is a huge deal!! The Lunarepic Low Flyknit has been my favorite running shoe since it came out. I'm so happy I decided to give them a second chance; now I think they look dope (their appearance definitely grew on me 13975238%). 

Much love,          Allie

I took the following pictures after my first run. That's why they're slightly dirty. Learned my lesson: take pictures of all angles and aspects of shoes before running in them.

I took the following pictures after my first run. That's why they're slightly dirty. Learned my lesson: take pictures of all angles and aspects of shoes before running in them.


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***Disclaimer: My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.***

***All statistics and information about technology was obtained from***